Simply put, having the “dead space” in the middle of the lab is wasteful. Let’s turn the whole column into whiteboard space. We can also have one side of the column be cork board, or what have you add more fine particles in the lab, a chalk board.

Please see the 3D model of the idea:

The yellow side is 3/4 inch plywood that stands on its own, joining the adjacent plywoods with 45 degree angle simply joinery(see image). The top rectangle space is reserved for OCF LED sign project which is underway. The LED sign will face the hallway of the MLK building. We can virtually make each side of the column anything we wish once this wrapper gets in place.

One concern brought up during in-person discussions was possible smudges on lab user’s clothes. We will have to ensure staff, after their use, to clean the whiteboard. I think this concern will come up much less in real life, and can be solved by having the side next to double monitor computer station be a cork board for stuff to be on there.

Whiteboard paint is also an option.

It’s not great, but it’s an option.

Yes, not great but an option.
Unfortunately though, we have to have plywood backing in any case as we don’t want to paint the original column wall.