Starter Issue MEGATHREAD

Lots of people don’t print their Google doc or bcourses correctly. This thread is to discuss what we can do about it.


  • Print stats – see how many pages users print in a session, in a week, in a semester, etc. Be sure to securely hash usernames to protect user privacy.


  • we can try to debug why some Google docs don’t print.

  • once we “detect” people printing Google doc or bcourses, we use the printing messaging system to instruct the user to download the document

  • Add a “print preview” button

  • Make sure print quota on desktop doesn’t fail hard if database can’t be contacted

  • Automatically put printers in/out of rotation if they can’t be contacted


  • Move docs off ocfweb and to an actual docs server (doxify) – talk to night

  • Write docs for the Slackbridge

  • add docs for apphosting

  • Add links to relevant code in ocflib, puppet, and utils in staff documentation


  • mirror NOTICE messages on Slackbridge

  • fix image mirroring on Slackbridge

  • Don’t crash if irc-bridge user mentioned on Slack

  • Rewrite slackbridge using asyncio-based library?

  • Make bridge-created users use ZNC or another bouncer

  • Handle emoji from slack -> irc properly

  • Handle thread replies


  • Start customizing the stylesheets on ocfweb

  • talk to bchieng


  • version config files (vhost.conf, vhost-mail.conf, vhost-app.conf)

  • add pre-commit hooks to validate config files


  • Run password cracking attacks using common words and common passwords to detect weak user passwords – force them to reset their password if it can be cracked.

  • John the ripper or hashcat (please write in python, not bash).

** Monitoring **

  • SNMP exporter
  • Write alerts and rules

write some basic tooling to manage vhost.conf, vhost-app.conf, vhost-mail.conf, e.g. to enter syntactically correct entries

work on

For minor support tickets --like printjob rejection email inquiry-- automatically attach user’s paper/quota stats to the rt email going to the staff.

Might be useful?
Low priority

We seem to have this already, unless I’m misunderstanding. If you’re referring to, it’s shown in the email sent to them.

You are correct; I apparently cannot read. Please disregard the above request. : D

I do have another idea stemming from this ticket
Having paper script show user’s past few print job statuses and page counts might come in handy.