Populate OCF alumni LDAP group

I’ve started an ocfalumni LDAP group, for keeping track of accounts which belong to alumni. Ideally we would make the list more complete, by extracting usernames from the BoD minutes. Care would have to be taken not to include guests who showed up to BoD though, or directors who didn’t join staff.

The criteria I have in mind for this list are:

  • Members must no longer be students at the University
  • At the time they left the University, they were a member of ocfstaff or had been significantly involved with OCF during their time at the University

These criteria are open to debate.

Can we figure out who is in this group based on UC Berkeley LDAP?

I was thinking more of the task of putting old alumni into the group. It’s useful to know who they are if they should reach out our if we want to reach out to them in the future.

I think intersection of ocfstaff and alumni should work. We might miss a view people that way, but we can manually add them.

I was thinking of historical alumni, the ones whose names current staff don’t readily recognize anymore, the ones who have been removed from ocfstaff long ago.

OK, in that case the criteria and methodology sound good to me. Gonna mark this as a newbie project, since parsing through old BoD minutes for members could be fun.

If it helps, the alums@ocf.berkeley.edu mailing list on Google Admin could also be a source of information.