Centralized Logging and Search @ OCF

@jvperrin brought us centralized syslog @ OCF in puppet/#280. In addition to syslog, there are things we can and ought to collect logs for, such as /var/log/auth.log for auditing purposes, and perhaps things like web traffic logs for aggregate traffic analysis (while being mindful of the privacy of visitors to websites hosting on OCF infrastructure).

It might be interesting to set up something like the ELK stack to search logs in a centralized manner at the OCF, a small step above logging into democracy and grepping files in /var/log/remote/ when we’re debugging problems.

Another advantage of ELK would be Grafana integration, which would make monitoring a lot nicer. We should also have better ACLs for this. Right now we make most logs root-only for security purposes, and it would be nice to make more logs available to all staffers.