BoD Minutes Viewer

Board of Directors meeting weekly minutes are currently at, but actually using this to browse minutes is a horrible experience. I don’t necessarily think we should change the representation (ie, we should still represent minutes as flat files in the ~staff/minutes folder, and the current UI should always be available), but it would be great to have an alternate interface for this.

This project is partly a UX design challenge, and we have lots of room to experiment since anything is better than what we have now. Certain “common cases” should be easy to accomplish:

  • Viewing minutes for the most recent BoD meetings
  • See all meetings for a specific RT ticket
  • (bonus) search‽
  • Your idea here

If anyone wants access to the raw data, it’s all on supernova in the ~staff/minutes/bod/ folder. For those more interested in design, non-functional mockups or UI ideas would also be appreciated.

I took a stab at this along with @dphan. Still a ways from including all necessary features but we would love some feedback!

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